Austin, Mausi and Pig - Comox Valley Dogs

This weekend I got to do a very energetic photo shoot with Jenn and her three awesome dogs: Austin the Blue Heeler, Mausi the German Shepherd, and Pig the Pug. These dogs were full of energy and had a great time tearing it up on Kye Bay beach. Austin and Mausi were all about chasing the ball while Pig quickly realized that I had treats in my pocket and stayed pretty close to Jenn and I. 

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get a group shot of these three but Jenn is a great handler and was able to get the dogs focused on her (for a few seconds, anyway!). I'm really loving Kye Bay as a portrait location, for the freedom that the dogs have to be themselves as well as the neutral backdrop of the sand. It really helps to make the dogs stand out from the background.