Baby Taylor Turns 1! - Courtenay Children's Photographer

What do you get when you mix an adorable baby, a pink tutu, a little birthday cake, and lots of decorations? A fun cake smash session of course!

Little Taylor's mom Jamie was one of the first people I met when I first moved to Courtenay. My daughter is boarding her horse at Jamie's barn.  So I have been able to watch Taylor grow over the past year and it is impossible not to fall in love with her. She is a photographer's dream subject with lots of smiles and no inhibitions!

First we took some "formal" shots with this cute little pink and black polka-dot dress. Doesn't that smile make you go "awwww"? 

Then, it was time for the cake. Taylor had no trouble digging in to the creamy soft icing. I wonder what she is thinking in this picture!

Then, she really started getting into it! I love the icing on her big toe!


Mum gets into the fun!

Happy Birthday, Taylor! 

If there is a little one in your life that is nearing their first birthday, why not celebrate the milestone with a cake smash session? Contact me here if you would like more information.