A Cat Like Me - Comox Valley SPCA

Now that we're getting settled in the Comox Valley and our routines are starting to get established,  I'm setting aside some time each week to once again volunteer with our local SPCA. Photographing animals needing homes is a pleasure and I always hope that the pictures will help the animals find new families quicker. 

As I was editing these photos and coming up with a title for this post it occurred to me that I have a lot in common with the cats I photographed today. I met one cat that was totally mellow, even seemingly depressed at his lot in life. It was if he were thinking "how did I get here and when am I going back home?". In the same room was a kitty who was a bundle of energy and couldn't wait to get acquainted. Totally friendly and outgoing, she just wanted to play. And then there was another cat who was totally ticked off and continually looking for a way to escape. He did not enjoy this change in surroundings and was fighting it tooth and nail.

Not to be overly dramatic but I can relate to these cats! Transition is always hard and I moving away from one's comfort zone can be very taxing. Some days I can't wait to get out and explore and meet new people and then other days I just want to curl up on the couch and sulk. Sometimes I do both in the same day. Anyhow, animals are great therapy and I feel like this is one more step in my journey of being more like the second cat I met today. Getting out and meeting people can be hard (especially for introverts like me) but it will make the Comox Valley feel like home faster, and that's something I really want to happen soon. 

Are you looking for a new friend to love? Contact the Comox Valley SPCA at (250) 339-7722 for more information on adopting an animal in need.