Leia! Courtenay Comox Photographer

Recently Leia came to visit me for a photo shoot. She is so funny! Leia is 3 years old and was a hoot to photograph. I love how expressive bulldogs are.

comox photographer

Leia definitely can be stubborn! But look at those eyes. 

courtenay photographer

When my dog has one tooth sticking out we call it the "gressels". I don't know where the word came from but it stuck. Here is a perfect example of the gressels!

courtenay pet photographer

And one last cheeky one!

comox pet photographer

Is October too early to mention the "C" word? As in, what do you get a parent who doesn't need anything? You take their dog out for a "walk" and straight over to my place for a pet photo shoot. They will be happily surprised and you will be the hero. Contact me for more information!