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Comox Valley's Best Dog Walking Areas - #2

In my last blog post I named my favourite dog walking trail in the Comox Valley: Seal Bay Park. In second place? Kye Bay Beach!

kye bay-2377.jpg

Kye Bay is where my family lived for a few months when we first moved to Vancouver Island. It is one of the only sandy beaches that I know of in the area…and when the tide is out the sandbars go on forever!

You are almost always going to see people walking their dogs on the beach, and no wonder. There is room to spare! Most people are very relaxed about letting their dogs run off leash (but always check!). Josie is sometimes a little too rambunctious for her own good so I always have a leash handy just in case.

There is a picnic area if you want to pack a lunch, as well as public washrooms.

There’s always something to see at Kye Bay. Next door to the airport, you frequently see planes coming or going, and if you’re visiting in April you have a great view of the Snowbirds as they practice their maneuvers over the Strait.


There is an abundance of wildlife, from bald eagles and blue herons, to shellfish like sand dollars, starfish, crabs and clams.

starfish on vancouver island

Kye Bay is actually my favourite beach for photo shoots because of the variety of images I can create there. The forested area makes a wonderful background, and action shots in the water can be pretty fun as well.

black lab
kaya running-2030.jpg

Sunset is one of my favourite times to visit! On a clear day the views of the North Shore mountains are spectacular.

ella sunset.jpg

So whether you are a local, or coming to the Comox Valley for a visit, I hope you will check out Kye Bay! You’ll be glad you did.

Have a dog walking trail you’d like me check out? Leave a comment below! I’m always on the lookout for new places to walk with Josie. If it’s a good one maybe a write a blog post about it!

Until next time, get out and walk!