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Pawsitive Dog Walking - Courtenay Dog Photography

Is there a better name for a dog walking service than "Pawsitive Dog Walking"? Last week I met up with Kelly, who is the pawsitive dog walker herself, and she took me to a few of her favourite not-so-secret walking spots here in the valley. 

old mill courtenay

The 3 J's, Josie, Jack and Jessie, were along with us. They are Kelly's pets, and you could tell they love getting out in the woods with their human! The trail we took is out by the end of Lake Trail Road, towards Comox Lake. Palm Beach was our final destination but I couldn't help but stop at this old mine shaft for some interesting photos. 

old mine and little dog

After scanning for profanity (I didn't find any), I had lots of fun roaming around this creepy old site. The Comox Valley used to be home to several coal mines, and I assume this is one of them. Jack's white fur showed up great on the dark background.

dog photography Courtenay

Kelly said that Josie is a bit of a squirrel-chaser, so we kept her on the leash for the walk. She sure is cute with those big ears.

comox lake mine

I think Jessie was the best poser of the three. She had some great head tilts! Jessie was also good at giving me doggie kisses!

palm beach courtenay

Our final destination was Palm Beach, a beautiful location. I'm sure it's going to get even more scenic as the leaves start to change in the next few weeks. 

A big thank-you to Kelly for showing me around! If you have a dog that needs some exercise during the day, check out Pawsitive's Facebook page:

And don't forget, fall is a great time for portraits! Get in touch if this is your year for a professional pet portrait session!