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Miley and Skyler - Courtenay Pet Photography

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing 2 Siamese cats, Miley and Skyler, owned by the Perry family of Courtenay. I had always thought of Siamese cats as aloof and disinterested (101 Dalmations comes to mind), but these two were friendly and ready to interact with me.

courtenay photographer

These cats have amazing blue eyes! 

comox photographer

Although we weren't successful in getting them to pose together (didn't want to start a cat fight!), these two kitties were great models. It isn't always easy to photograph dark faces on animals. My lighting setup gives me the ability to capture detail without the harshness of flashes.

photographer Courtenay

Remember, Valentine's pet photo sessions are coming up on Feb. 13th! Contact me for details.

I'll leave you with this "outtake" of one of Skyler's tricks. I've entitled it, "White Cats CAN Jump":

photographer Comox