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Ranger - Comox Valley Photographer

Could it really be spring? I don’t know about you but this past winter felt a little long. Maybe because we had the coldest February on record. But I guess the upside was that we didn’t have nearly the normal amount of rain that we usually get in the winter. Anyhow, I was so excited this last weekend to get back out to Kye Bay beach I invited Jenn and her little bundle of fluff Ranger to join me.

dog at sunset

Jenn is also know as the “Crazy Dog Lady” and she has a very active pet business taking dogs on 2 hour pack hikes every day. She is so much in demand that she isn’t in taking new clients at the moment! Way to go, Jenn! Jenn is also Josie’s dog-sitter so I am always at peace when I go away knowing that she is left in Jenn’s capable hands.

dog at Kye bay beach

Ranger is just the cutest little dog. At 9 years old, he is still able to keep up with all the big guys in Jenn’s pack. He was just the best little model too (maybe because I spoiled him with treats!).

Comox dog at beach

After taking some traditional portraits we went out onto the sand for a different perspective. The light reflecting in the tide pools created some interesting effects.

dog reflection in water

And here’s one of Jenn’s behind-the-scenes shots of me trying to get really low without getting my knees soaked. It didn’t work!

dog photographer at beach

Then, you can’t go to the beach without playtime. Although the sun was setting quickly Ranger was happy to run to me and provide me with lots of kisses!

running dog on beach

I hope you enjoyed Ranger’s photos! I’ll be available for beach portraits from now until the snow flies again! Please call me at (250) 650-7389 if you would like to find out more about my beach photo shoots for families or pets (or both!).