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Foster Pups - Vancouver Island Pet Photography

My former neighbour Virginia is fostering three sweet little puppies for West Coast Animal Rescue Society here on Vancouver Island, and they were so cute I just had to photograph them! They are three of six in the litter and are only six weeks old. 

vancouver island puppies

It is hilarious that these little ones are all named after "Friends" characters, so their names are: Janice, Emma and Chandler! (Apparently Monica didn't suit any of their personalities, hence the name Emma). Phoebe, Joey and Rachel are being fostered with other families down Island.

puppy in easter basket

Virginia brought along this cute Easter basket so we actually got the puppies to stay still for a split second! As you can imagine, keeping puppies still is not an easy task.

courtenay puppies

These puppies are totally mixed breeds, and they are tiny. They likely have chihuahua, shih tzu, and a bunch of other breeds. It is amazing how different they all are in their colouring.

photographer in Courtenay BC

Look at those eyes! 

Eventually, the puppies did settle down and have naps, and of course they looked even cuter. My daughter Jessica set this fuzzy blanket on her lap and they curled right up.

puppies courtenay BC

I have so many more amazing photos from this shoot but I don't think you could handle any more cuteness for one day so I'll leave it at that. If you would like to see more over the coming weeks, check out my Instagram page, @ssniderdogphotography. And if you are interested in adopting or fostering these or any other dogs from West Coast Animal Rescue Society, check them out on Facebook, or click on their website,