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The Snider Family - Courtenay Photography

Last week we had the good fortune of hosting my husband's brother Steve, his wife Deb and sweet little daughter Tori at our new home in Courtenay. They were visiting all the way from Kitchener, Ontario and this was their first trip to the Comox Valley. So, we planned for a fun photo shoot at my favourite location, Kye Bay. 

We had perfect weather for the week they were here (not one raindrop fell on us the whole time!).  Dave and I toured them around and got to show them the spectacular scenery here in the Comox Valley as well as some other areas of the Island, including: Paradise Meadows, Elk Falls, Long Beach, and Cathedral Grove.

Although they left on Thursday, we are happy that we'll be seeing these guys again next month in Ontario for our nephew's wedding.

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