Otto - Courtenay Pet Photography

I got a call before Christmas from Bob, who asked to have a portrait made of his wife's dog Otto. He wanted to give it to her as a Christmas gift. I said sure, of course, and he brought Otto over that day for his portrait.

Otto was an older dog, a spaniel mix, who still had the sweetness of a puppy. He did a great job at this photo shoot, giving me a mix of those soulful spaniel eyes as well as some fun, happy looks.   

spaniel dog

Bob and his wife Margaret came the following week to pick out their portrait, and it was nice to get to know them a little and hear about their life with Otto.

Sadly, I got an email this week from Margaret that Otto had unexpectedly passed away on Christmas morning. Having just grieved the death of my own dog I was so sad to get the news. It is always so hard to lose a friend. 

cocker spaniel dog

Life is precious, folks. Enjoy your pets for this short time that you have them. You were a good boy, Otto.

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spaniel dog
dog portrait