A New Chapter - Comox Valley Photographer

In my last blog post I wrote a tribute to Maggie, my little Shih Tzu that passed away last October. Well, after we took some time to be "dogless" over the winter, we decided it was time to start entertaining the idea of a new dog (I should say, I decided it was time: the rest of the family was ready for this long before I was).

The next difficult part was figuring out what breed of dog to get. We've always liked big dogs, but little ones tend to be less maintenance (at least in our experience). My husband wanted one that he could take out on hikes, while I am content with one that will cuddle on my lap while I drink my morning coffee. We kept an eye out but decided that we would let the dog "find" us... I had a feeling that the answer would be revealed in due time. And that's exactly what happened!

Meet Josie:

labradoodle puppy.jpg

Our friends told us that they were getting a new labradoodle puppy from a local family, and thought we might be interested in one as well. There were 6 in the litter and 2 hadn't been spoken for yet. I hesitated. We had never had a puppy so young before. Was I ready for that? I waited (of course the rest of the family was all set to forge ahead into this great unknown).

To make a longer story shorter, we went to see the puppies and fell in love. The puppies had two healthy parents, mom a cream standard poodle and dad a chocolate lab (I had actually photographed the dad last year!). They were in a loving home with a great family and this was it! We found our puppy!

lab retriever puppy

We are now 3 weeks into this adventure. Josie (or Jojo) is a real sweetheart. She is a little tentative, and takes some time to warm up to people, but that is coming. She came to us mostly housetrained (thanks, MC and Jean), and she is very smart and mostly compliant (still working on the puppy biting). I am reliving the newborn days with the sleep deprivation of having a new baby in the house.

A huge bonus with Josie is that so far she is a great model for my pet photography! No doubt we will have lots of fun together creating images. Here are some of my favourites so far: 

lab puppy
labradoodle puppy
labradoodle puppy.jpg

I look forward to many adventures with Josie (except for the ones that involve emergency trips to the vet after eating something she shouldn't - yep that happened this week).

I'll leave you with a photo of her with her brother and sisters that I took just before they all got adopted (Josie's in the centre). Have a great day!

labradoodle puppies