Kya and Maisy - Courtenay Photographer

Last week I had two "seniors" in the studio...Kya and Maisy, a couple of older pugs who were so funny. I find pug faces hilarious, and after seeing these portraits I dare you to disagree.

dog photographer courtenay

This is Maisy, who is about 11 years old. Maisy was the more cooperative of the two. All I had to do was pop a couple of treats onto the bench and up she went!

pet photographer Comox

This is Kya, who is 10 years old and blind. She was a little more confused about the whole situation but once she got comfortable she posed for me for a few good shots. I love both the dogs' colouring; they looked great against the grey background.

photographer Comox Valley

I also wanted to do some Christmas portraits and that little hat was so cute. Maisy wasn't that amused as you can probably see, but she gladly laid up on the chair for quite a while, and even started falling asleep! Doesn't it feel like she is wondering what the heck is going on with this thing on her head?

Comox valley photographer

Kya wasn't as impressed with the Santa hat but I thought the scarf looked great on her!

To end off, here is one last one that I thought was so funny! Oh Maisy, you're awesome.

dog photographer Courtenay

Thanks to Karen for bringing in her hilarious dogs.

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