Bailey - Courtenay Pet Photography

It seems like I haven't blogged in ages! Life just gets that way I guess. But I did a session a little while ago that I wanted to share, and it was with a lovely dog named Bailey.

courtenay photographer

Isn't she the sweetest? Bailey's mum Jan brought her to me for a special reason. You see, Bailey is really Jan's husband's dog and he has been out of the province working for several months. Jan wanted to surprise her husband with some professional portraits of Bailey when he got home.

Courtenay dog photography

Doesn't she look a little lonely? Bailey's dad even gave her one of his socks for comfort. 

chocolate lab portrait

Fortunately, the family was reunited around Easter, and now everyone is happy again and getting ready for a new adventure, moving up north!

dog portrait

Piper, who I photographed last year, was waiting in the car. I had go get a few shots of him because he is such a good boy. He doesn't look too enthused about getting left out!

I am so excited that spring is here so that I can start doing more outdoor portraits again. The studio is great, but there's nothing like letting a dog play to really bring out their personality.

In case you didn't know, I have an Instagram account dedicated to dog photography. My handle is @ssniderdogphotos. 

Until next time!