Ben - Comox Cat Photography

Benny the cat came by the studio recently for his very own photo shoot, and I got the impression that he was totally stoked about being a model.

pet photography comox

This cat has many talents! He can sit and shake a paw (I've never seen a cat do that before!).

Ben is owned by friends of mine, Julia and Amiel. They haven't had Ben that long, but they are sure in love with him. And I can see why. He has loads of personality.

comox pet photographer

Julia and Amiel found out about Ben through my daughter Jessica, who works at Woofy's Pet Foods in Comox. They often have kittens up for adoption from Kitty Cat Pals, a volunteer organization here in the Comox Valley that helps match cats up with loving homes. Jessica thought that Ben would be just the cat for our friends, and she was right!

Courtenay pet Photographer

Thanks for coming, Ben! It was a blast to play with you and take your portrait!

I'll sign off with a portrait of beautiful Julia, who took the opportunity to get a quick headshot while she was here with Ben. Amiel, you are a lucky guy!  

headshot Courtenay