Comox Family Photography

The Kang Family - Comox Valley Photographer

Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing the Kang family out at Kye Bay in Comox. It was bittersweet though, as they are moving to Calgary later this summer.

family photography-4.jpg

Dan has been our pastor at Living Hope Church in Courtenay since we arrived 4 years ago. We appreciate him and his wonderful wife Sara-Lynn very much. And their boys and dog are pretty awesome as well!

comox valley family photographer

It was a beautiful Vancouver Island evening on Saturday, and even though I didn't get the low tide I was hoping for, the mountains showed up in all their glory.

twin family photography-6.jpg

Can you believe they're twins?!

Natural smiles from preschool boys isn't a given, but I did manage to get a few great ones! I think we were talking about farts at the time. 

vancouver island family photography-5.jpg

Little boys and dogs don't stay still for long, so very soon they were on the move. I knew I wanted a shot Kaya chasing a ball with the family behind, but she doesn't like to run in a straight line! I think the boys probably wondered why I kept getting them to walk up and down the beach.

fun family photography-2.jpg

I always like to get the "jumping off the log" shot!

family photographer courtenay

And one of the happy couple.

border collie dog photography.jpg

And of course, the dog.

All the best to you, Kang family, as you head off to new adventures in Alberta! We'll miss you!